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Pampering Menu

Relax and enjoy being pampered in wonderful surroundings. After morning coffee or afternoon tea followed by a consultation with one of our experienced therapists you can unwind and be revitalised with your choice from one of our fabulous pampering mini packages.

Totally Pampered £99
Full Body Massage with Facial

Two hours of bliss! Surrender yourself to a pampering full body massage with luxury facial. Soft lighting, aromatherapy oil burners, soothing music and a fluffy duvet will cocoon you into blissful luxury starting with a full body massage. A sixty minute fabulous facial will follow leaving you feeling totally pampered!

Memorable Moments £130
Herbal Infusion Massage & Luxury Foot Treatment

Spoil yourself to a ninety-minute exotic herbal infusion experience. Using a combination of specially heated herbs this all-encompassing massage begins with a tranquil face, head and shoulder massage, followed by a hand and arm massage. The treatment continues with a relaxing back massage and ends with a wonderful relaxing one-hour luxury foot treatment guaranteed to leave you with lighter feet. Two memorable moments you will not forget!

Celebrity Star £115
Luxury Facial & Hot Stone Foot Treatment

Your special pampering commences with one and a half hours of pure bliss with a luxury facial. For refreshed, revitalised and rejuvenated healthy skin this facial will take you beyond the normal cleansing, toning and moisturising into a new world of facials. A fabulous foot treatment follows using Volcanic Basalt lava stones. Enriched naturally in minerals the stones are heated through and used during this wonderful sixty-minute relaxation treatment that will leave you feeling a true celebrity star!

Feeling Fabulous £110
Anti Stress Spa Massage combined with Hand Treatment

Relax and enjoy our fabulous anti-stress spa massage to bring a complete sense of tranquillity. Using a special blend of aromatherapy oils to relax and sooth you, this treatment will calmly eliminate both physical and nervous stresses and remove unwanted toxins. While you enjoy unwinding, experience a lovely hand manicure, which will leave you with beautifully painted nails. Over two hours of pampering treatments that will certainly leave you feeling fabulous!

Heavenly Retreat £99
Hot Stone Therapy Back Massage & Herbal Infusion Manicure

Using Basalt lava stones, heated for use for your intensive forty-minute back massage, this powerful back massage will revitalise and stimulate you. All our back massages include a soothing neck and shoulder massage concentrating on specific tension areas. Your pampering continues with a herbal infusion manicure. Using a blend of exotic herbs this fabulous manicure utilises detoxifying heated herbs to clarify the skin and stimulate the circulation. Incorporated in the hour and twenty minute treatment is a therapeutic massage, which will leave your hands, feeling soft and smooth. What a heavenly retreat!