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To prepare you for your special evening out our Pampering Nights, for two or more people, starts with wine and nibbles and ends with the sensation of having been totally spoilt! Choose from the Essential Evening, Fabulous Dancing Feet, Mood to Relax or Beautiful Babe pampering packages. Why not ask a friend or loved one to join you and enjoy a very special pampering time together.

Essential Evening £110
Pampering Manicure and Luxury Facial

Soft lighting, aromatherapy oil burners and soothing music sets the mood for your Essential Evening Treatments that start with a Pampering Manicure. This fabulous treatment includes a full hand and arm massage designed to replenish moisture to hands, cuticles, knuckles, and elbows and excessively dry areas. The facial begins with a light, gentle touch therapy to deeply relax you followed with a purifying facial using products to suit skin type. Incorporated in the relaxing treatment is a scalp, face, neck and shoulder massage. Just over two hours of total relaxation for the Essential Evening!

Fabulous Dancing Feet £99
Pampering Pedicure and Relaxing Back & Leg Massage

The ultimate Fabulous Dancing Feet experience includes a pampering pedicure followed by a relaxing back and leg massage. Lie back and enjoy a concentrated soothing neck, shoulder, back and leg sixty-minute massage to relax and unwind all those specific stress areas. A wonderful relaxing two hours of treatment guaranteed to leave you with Fabulous Dancing Feet!

Mood to Relax £99
Aromatherapy Massage or Spa Hydration Massage and Pampering Pedicure or Manicure

All our massages are designed to totally relax your mind and body leaving you with a complete sense of well-being. Prior to each treatment our relaxation therapist will discuss your specific needs in a fifteen-minute consultation. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy your special massage and your pampering pedicure or manicure. We use products that are rich and natural moisturisers that penetrate and nourish from within for healthier skin, cuticles and nails. After two hours of pampering treatments you will certainly be in the Mood To Relax!

Beautiful Babe £90
Contour Full Body Wrap combined with Scalp Massage & Pampering Manicure

Lie back and enjoy a wonderful scalp massage and a pampering manicure while you lose inches rejuvenating with a contour body wrap. We use active ingredients to compress muscle tissue whilst detoxing. A very enjoyable and rewarding treatment for the Beautiful Babe!